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Steps To Choosing and Renting a Long-Term Rental in Barbados

  1. Set up a call with an agent to discuss your relocation needs.

  2. Confirm your preferences:
    Minimum Bedrooms
    Special requirements (e.g. pets, pool, close to the beach, etc.)
    Preferred lease start date

  3. Review listings, identify your favourites, and request virtual tours for a better look inside the properties. Note - live video tours are available upon request.

  4. After viewing virtually, confirm a shortlist and identify your preferred new on-island home.

  5. Submit an offer through your agent which will include the monthly rent, start date, duration, and any special requirements such as utilities included in the rental rate.

  6. Your agent will facilitate the negotiation with the landlord.

  7. Once rental terms are agreed, your agent will prepare a standard lease for approval by both parties.

  8. The lease is signed by both parties and an initial payment is paid by the tenant. The initial payment usually comprises the first month’s rent plus a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent (2 months total). Some landlords require first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent (3 months total) to secure the property.

  9. Your agent will formally introduce you to your landlord to set up or transfer services such as electricity, internet, phone, etc. into your name. Standard forms for these services will be provided by your agent.

  10. Your agent will coordinate the handover of keys and ensure you are settled into your new home.