Welcome Stamp - 12 MONTH WELCOME STAMP 1

The Barbados Welcome Stamp

Non-nationals looking to call the gem of the Caribbean home should consider The Barbados Welcome Stamp. The stamp allows non-national individuals, couples, and families with children the option of living on island for up to 12 months.

About the 12 Month Welcome Stamp

Who can apply for the Barbados Welcome Stamp?

A non-national who is:

  • Employed in a country other than Barbados
  • Able to provide proof of an annual income of US$50,000.00 or more which is generated outside of Barbados
  • In possession of valid health insurance covering the period for which the stamp is granted. Applications can be submitted on behalf of an individual applicant who will be engaging in remote work in Barbados or an individual and his/her accompanying family and dependants.

How can a person apply for the Barbados Welcome Stamp?

Applications may be submitted online or via a local service provider. Completed applications should be submitted together with the following supporting documents:

  • The bio data page of the passport of the Applicant (and any accompanying family or dependant(s).
  • The birth certificate of the Applicant (and any accompanying family or dependant(s).
  • Proof of relationship between the Applicant and the dependant(s) (via submission of the afore-mentioned birth certificate(s), marriage certificate(s), adoption documents)
  • Entry visa (*if the Applicant comes from a country requiring an entry visa for Barbados)

What are the associated costs for the Barbados Welcome Stamp?

There is no fee due and payable on the submission of the Application. On the successful approval of the Application, individual Applicants shall pay a fee of US$2,000.00 and, where the Applicant is accompanied by his/her family, the fee will be US$3,000.00 for members of the family group.

Are there any restrictions/prohibitions attaching to the Barbados Welcome Stamp?

Holders of the Barbados Welcome Stamp shall only engage in remote work and shall not engage in employment in Barbados. It should be noted that Applicants are required to declare that neither they nor any member of the family group shall accept any employment from or offer any services to a citizen, permanent resident, immigrant, work permit holder or any person or entity carrying on business in Barbados.

How long is the Barbados Welcome Stamp issued for?

The Barbados Welcome Stamp is for a maximum of 12 months from the date of the approval. During that time, holders of the visa will be able to travel to and from Barbados at their leisure.

Are income taxes payable by holders of the Stamp?

Non-nationals who have been granted a Barbados Welcome Stamp shall be deemed as non-resident in Barbados for the purposes of income tax and will not have to pay income tax in Barbados.

Can the Barbados Welcome Stamp be revoked?

Yes. Holders who fail to comply with the provisions of the Act may have their Stamp revoked. It should also be mentioned that if any Applicant provides any false information, misrepresentation or omission of facts on the application form or during the application process either on behalf of himself/herself and/or accompany family member(s)/dependant(s), it may be justification for refusal of the grant of a Barbados Welcome Stamp.

5 Steps to Applying for The Welcome Stamp

  1. Visit
  2. Submit all required documents and apply for the 12 Month Welcome Stamp
  3. Receive confirmation email of application being submitted
  4. Processing of application will begin within 48 hours
  5. You will receive and email confirming or denying Visa 5 working days thereafter